We have found your CBD Oil with Cavinol to be extremely effective with our patients and clients. Especially when dealing with anxiety, neuropathy and auto-immune issues. Generally, our suggestion is to start with 1800 mg and follow through with a step-down program every thirty days until 400 mg per day can be attained. Following are the benefits that we have witnessed:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Increased capacity to sleep
  • Reduction in fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Anti-toxic cellular regime
  • Decreased customer anxiety as to reactions
  • Definitive changes in diet and digestive issues

The contrast between the Sunshine Global Health products and other CBD companies and their products is drastic. When comparing reactions and benefits of patients and clients we have seen a minimum of 40-50% increase in benefits with their products. In addition, the purity of the product is very clear and the high quality Turpines are what separate the product from the run of the mill CBD products that are being presented erroneously.

We have been in business since 1972. We have two Doctors of Oriental Medicine, an M.D., Nurse with a Ph.D., Nutritionist and Herbalist on staff. We are all in agreement that this product has been one of the very best products ever and a game-changer in the natural health and integrative care field.

We have found the quality of the product as well as the knowledgeable staff to be care for their clients in only the highest professional manner.
- Gene C. Lentz, MBA, MSC, MRT, PM

My name is Ryan Bishop, for the past 17 years I have been in the health and wellness industry and have dedicated my life to helping others feel better and heal. I am a practicing Chinese medicine doctor and a licensed Acupuncture Physician in south Florida. I am Board certified through NCCAOM and considered a primary healthcare practitioner in the state of Florida. I have been using and sharing medicinal herbs and oils for many years. I have found that with many products out in the market, not all products are created equal. I always want the best and highest quality plant medicines, herbs, and oils for myself, my family and my patients.

With regards to help CBD supplements the one company that stands out is Sunshine Global Health with Cavinol, because of the unique blend of terpenes I have found that these products work more efficiently and faster than other brands. Many of my patients who have started using Sunshine Globals' Hemp CBD with Cavinol have shown amazing signs of improvement and relief from a multitude of ailments such as insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, and many types of cancer just to name a few. I'm not saying that people should stop doing conventional medicine I feel we can integrate and compliment with supportive healing modalities such as acupuncture and plant medicine using essential and Cavinol oils to enhance medical treatments so patients can receive the highest quality care with the least amount of side effects.

- Dipl. Ac. Ryan Bishop. L.Ac.

After an extensive search of available CBD oil products on the market, Sunshine Global CBD Oil with Cavinol stood out far above the rest. These is no other CBD product that can compete with it effectiveness and its ability to treat a wide variety of health conditions.

In my practice I have seen significant improvement in many health conditions:

  • Improvement of sleep
  • Reduction or elimination of chronic pain
  • Decrease in depression and anxiety
  • General feeling of well-being
  • Significant reduction in headaches

It is a pleasant surprise to find out that not only is Sunshine Global CBD Oil with Cavinol rated number one in purity and is the only CBD Oil with unique blend of

turpines (Cavinol); its cost per mg also beats the competition. Thus my patient's get the best CBD Oil at the lowest possible cost.

I have been practicing Alternative Medicine for over 20 years and in that time I have not seen a herbal remedy that can effectively treat such a wide variety of health problems than Sunshine Global CBD Oil with Cavinol.

Yours in Health,

- Dr. David Sontag

Dove Chiropractic Medicine, Inc. we have found your CBD Oil with Cavinol to be a quality treatment option for patients struggling with many conditions from chronic pain to nausea. As physicians we are trained to protect, promote and improve the health of all people. As such, at Dove Chiropractic Medicine, Inc. we are relentless in our pursuit of safe treatment options for our patients. CBD is a key part of our multidisciplinary comprehensive approach to healthcare to insure our patients can effectively pursue their health and wellness goals.

The clinical team at Dove Chiropractic Medicine, Inc. has over 60 years of clinical expertise, as well as research experience. Our care team includes physicians in the disciplines of medicine, chiropractic and pharmacy, as well as nurse practitioners, and nutritionists. CBD Oil with Cavinol is appreciated by everyone on our care team. We look forward to continuing to provide outstanding care to our patients utilizing CBD Oil with Cavinol.
- The Dove Team

Walter, My name is Michele Simmons Brown, I am an Attorney and a Physician. I successfully practiced law for approximately 23 years (In Indiana) and then after living in Asia I went to medical school, in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. I have been practicing Chinese medicine and Acupuncture for approximately 5.5 years. In Florida, Acupuncture Physicians are board certified through NCCAOM and the practice is considered a form of primary healthcare. We do no prescribe pharmaceuticals. We have better tools in our tool box, namely homeopathic medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, vitamins and pure micro foods. We also do injection therapies with these same medicines. Our goal is to help the patient resolve the problems in their bodies by promoting the body to heal, not suppress symptoms with synthetic drugs.

I started using and prescribing CBD oils and creams in my clinic in February this year. I have been getting great results so far. The reason I choose Sunshine Global is because the product is a pure organic product that matches potency with purity. This is the only way to get therapeutic benefit from any product. Any other formulation produces a rancid product that has no real health benefits. I like the fact that Sunshine Global's CBD oil is processed without alcohol or any other filler and that the THC is mediated with natural terpenes.

Why do Sunshine Global CBD products impress me? The products deliver results. One patient was paralyzed for two years and continued to have excruciating pain prior to starting Sunshine Global Cavinol CBD, today he has reported having pain free days and can do dry wall repair at his house. Another patient has crippling osteoporosis, she was using a cane to walk when she came to my office. One week after starting CBD oil she is reporting pain free days and is no longer using her cane. Another patient experiencing severe insomnia reports sleeping after one week on CBD oil. I have started approximately 5 people on protocols this week, all reporting progress after a few short days.

Getting health no high is an honorable mission.
- Dr. Michelle Brown, Florida Acupuncture License 3022

Thank you folks at Sunshine Global, you are angels! The oil was far better than we ever imagined! Not only did my mother, Priscilla stop having chemo symptoms but she also is now cancer free!!! Her diagnosis was stage 3c ovarian cancer, the doctors said to go home and visit your family....now she visits them all the time!
- Patty, Vermont
I am professional drummer with over fifty years of experience. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a medically incurable neurological disorder called Task Specific Musician's Focal Dystonia. This type of Focal Dystonia is characterized by uncontrollable tension, tremors and palsy-like contortions. It caused a gradual and complete loss of motor control in my right hand and nearly ended by career. I literally could not hold even a pencil in my hand. After several years of specialized retraining therapy, I was able to regain about 80% of normal function and return to my profession. But some the symptoms still persisted until I started using SUNCHINE GLOBAL's Hemp CBD Oil, in the therapeutic strength at the suggested dose for chronic issues (1 pump 3 times daily). I began to experience relief from my remaining symptoms almost immediately. I'm quite confident that the CBD oil will help me resolve the issue completely. 
- Tom, New York
I've had atypical migraines for over 15 years and have tried numerous antidotes for the pain with very limited success. I've been using a prescription medication for several years, but it doesn't work every time...only hit and miss. I had begun using Sunshine Global Hemp CBD Oil 700 mg but not specifically for treating my migraines. However, when I felt the migraine pain coming on; I took a dose and within minutes I felt the tension and pain decreasing to the point of being pain-free! My migraines last for three days and I continued to take a dose at the first sign of pain. I have no doubt that it is the Sunshine Global Hemp CBD Oil that is relieving my suffering with migraines. It is the only product that I will now use to treat this problem as it has no side effects. 
- Melanie, New Smyrna Beach
Slept the best I have in years!
- Sarah
This is amazing! I have epileptic seizures no more.  Now I have ditched the phenobarbital for Sunshine Global Hemp CBD oil.
- Juan
My twitching has definitely improved after just a week. The restless legs are better and I get to sleep more easily.
- Suzanne
Began to give up hope that anything would ever work for the anxiety I always had.  Seek and you will find, never give up, and this is something I had been dealing with for years.
- Jennifer P., Florida
Auto-immune diseases – with aching all over my body like having flu and including a brain that was foggy.  I thought after only a couple of days I was feeling something but thought maybe it was just wishful thinking but now after a month, I know this is for real.  This is a real blessing that I pray will keep on coming.
- Debbie, Winter Springs
Arthritis has improved. Now I am starting my dog on this, hope it helps him too.
- Jack
Sunshine Global Hemp CBD is helping me to wean myself from using drugs and I am so thankful. (I took them for pain from a car accident.) Thanks for helping me!
- Becky B.
Sunshine Global Hemp CBD Oil can be made to taste better by adding flavored stevias.  It is strong and I almost decided I wasn’t going to keep taking it because of that. But I’m glad that I discovered this because now I am feeling less pain in my joints.
- Unknown
Like many baby boomers, I am afflicted with health challenges. Since I begin using CBD hemp oil, my body and mind seem to function so much better. I am a type II diabetic suffering from nerve damage in both feet. Now the throbbing and tingling sensations are completely gone. My A1C has also lowered. Carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist was waking me up at night. Not anymore! I sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed and pain free. Anxiety has been replaced with a new calmness. I strive to eat healthy and continue to exercise. I have stopped taking pain medications. CBD hemp oil has helped my body and mind function at its optimum level. I plan on using this cannabinol hemp oil for the rest of my life.
- Donna, age 54